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A text accompanying a work at Art Motiers / en français ici MLM (Feed) For Motiers I wanted to produce something that was not spectacular, something that might even be invisible, and that could, in some ways, function as a (lol) critique or at least a counterpoint to the imperative to spectacle and the machinations […]

A View from Nowhere

EN FRANCAIS text for the exhibition Contingent Legibilities at Lemme Sion, CH Measure what you value because you will value what you measure.  Although calculation is considered one of the most transparent and therefore reproducible forms of knowledge, it is a convention that is made, rather than given, and rests on the fundamental idea that […]

Rationalism : Grégoire Bolay

An Italian marxist recently suggested that irony might be a “way out” of our current situation… what is the current situation? Rationalism, naturally… As a young artist, the concept of rationalism is particularly seductive/problematic because it would seem we are engaged in a wholly irrational endeavor. But today, doesn’t every occupation seem irrational in the […]

Objects : Stéphan Landry

Produced for the Nuits des Musées at Musée Jensich Vevey. One of two texts that addresses the exhibition Tout va bien – M2 & Stéphan Landry.   Psychedelic hucksters of capitalism and consumption appear against the striated space of ultimate reason. The grid, an allover of cartesian coordinates, divine order, stacked squares symmetrically unfolding in all directions. […]

Machines for Living : M2

Produced for the Nuits des Musées at Musée Jensich Vevey. One of two texts that addresses the exhibition Tout va bien – M2 & Stéphan Landry.   Idealizing, summarizing, omitting, adding, and taking shortcuts are the operations of remembering. When we represent something we are ultimately rewriting, imagining, remembering it (from the outside). Experiencing community, like […]

Résultats des Courses

This text was produced on the occasion of Gregoire Bolay & Paul Limoujoux’s exhibition Les Resultats des Courses : WIN WIN     Sonnets for MJ, Grecian Highways February 19, 2016 Les Resultats des Courses : WIN WIN, graciously made possible through the support of the FCA, brings together the work of Gregoire Bolay (1986, […]